Solarium Estrie

Branding and Website

Solarium Estrie

Based in Sherbrooke, Québec, Solarium Estrie is a young, talented construction company that specializes in building high-quality Solariums and additions.

I was tasked to refresh the company’s brand and website to give it a look and feel that reflected their commitment to quality construction.

Wireframing the website.
Solarium Estrie Logo / Brand Prototypes.
The Solarium Estrie Logo.
The Solarium Estrie Logo.

Building the Site

The main focus of the site was to put the company’s work front and center. The design we crafted puts the emphasis on the Showroom (Salle de Montre) to let visitors explore the projects these guys have undertaken and to really show off what they can do.

The full web page for Solarium Estrie on an iMac.
The full web page for Solarium Estrie on an iMac.
The site looks good even on cell phones.

Signs and Business Cards

To help with publicity and to put the new brand front and center, we made business cards and signs to help out with publicity. Signs like the ones we made are basically 24/7 salesmen for them at the construction sites they work on.

Business Cards I designed for Solarium Estrie.
Construction site signs designed for the branding project.

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