H3S - High Speed Service Sherbrooke

Dentists love to help you keep that beautiful smile of yours in good shape. But what happens when their tools break down? Well, that's where H3S comes in. These guys are mechanics for dental equipment. Though, for that to be a proper comparison, the mechanic would have to offer a car rental service and roadside assistance. The guys at H3S certainly know their stuff, and they're really nice people to boot.

Here's what I did for them:

  • Design a logo
  • Design and develop a clean, multilingual and responsive site from scratch
  • Develop content in both french and english


The H3S logo.
H3S' responsive site on an iMac, iPad and iPhone.
The fonts used for the H3S brand.
The H3S logo on stationery, a notepad and an iPhone.
The H3S logo I designed with a grid showing how everything is aligned.

Colors: The colors used for the brand are significant colors for dentists because they actually represent different speed ratios on the handpieces they use. And I curved the 3 lines in the logo slightly to mimic the shape of the dental handpieces that H3S repairs.

The color scheme for H3S's branding.

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