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The 2Do III update is here. For free.

Awhile back I bought the app which was “app-tly” named 2Do (I know, I know…) for both iOS and OS X so I could have a good task management program with the ability to sync between platforms. For a long time, I loved the Hit List, but I got sick of waiting for them to release an iOS version, and when they did, synchronization cost money, and not wanting to open my wallet,  I went in search of a new one. What I found was 2Do.

Honestly, at the beginning, 2Do never quite did it for me because The Hit List had set such a high expectation with how user-friendly it was, with it’s intuitive UI, and it’s awesome hotkeys. But not that long ago, 2Do released a Mac update that improved it significantly. This update took it up a notch in my book. But last week, with the release of iOS8, came a major update to the iOS version.

I was very impressed with the new features. A lot of emphasis was placed on minimizing the amount of “clicks” needed to accomplish something. they did a fantastic job of this if nothing else, by adding the “Quick Add” feature, which allowed you to enter tasks one after the other without entering anything more than a title. Other day-to-day things like deferring tasks, adding start/due dates and setting alerts were also simplified.

A couple of the most groundbreaking features had to do with the very intuitive addition of gestures. The implementation of pinch-to-zoom in a task list allows you to easily and quickly control how many tasks will fit on the screen and how much information you see for each one, which was genius in my humble opinion. Also, the ability to show and hide the side menu by swiping it on and off the screen is very intuitive, but certainly welcome as an addition.

If you already bought 2Do and haven’t done the update yet, the best part is what title says; all users that already purchased it get it for free. And if you are looking for a good to do app, I can certainly say that with this version, the UX / UI changes and the design they did to freshen it up make it a strong contender in my book.

Check it out here if you like: